Last year we welcomed over 70 men and women investors as well as 8 selected entrepreneurs.This year its 100+ ! Watch what attendees thought of us last year. 

 Arya Retreat 2017

Registrations are Open!

Seasoned and novice investors as well as others who want to invest their time and experience in women-led businesses and grow their network, can download our booklet and register now.

Entrepreneurs, please apply to the #ARPC2017 below

Retreat Package Includes; • 3 nights/4 days Accommodation • Conference Fee • All Meals and Drinks • Activities • Party • Help subsidies entrepreneur’s enrolment

Private Room* (single occupancy) 5,500.-TL

Double Room** (per person) 4,000.-TL

* Daughters 16+ can be added on to private room for an extra charge of 800 TL
** To book a double room, you must either indicate your roommate on the booking form or be aware that you will randomly be matched with another attendee.
Casa dell’Arte has a limited number of rooms available. First come will be first served. Additional rooms will be available at adjacent hotels.


Arya Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are pre-selected and will be invite only.

For #AryaRetreat2017, June 1-4, we expect over 70 investors. Entrepreneurs applied to the Arya Retreat Pitch Challenge for a chance to join this exclusive event and pitch to investors. Entrepreneurs will be responsible for their travel and accommodation costs, which are heavily subsidized by investors’ participation (Single Room 2,700.-TL | Double Room 1,850.-TL).

What is the Arya Retreat Pitch Challenge (#ARPC2017)?

ARPC is the selection process for entrepreneur attendance to the Arya Retreat. From the applications, 10 companies were chosen to participate in a one-month acceleration and investment readiness program in addition to specially selected mentors. At the end of the program, 5 companies will win their spot next to Arya Investments to attend and pitch at Arya Retreat.


#ARPC2017 Process and Timeline:

March 23: Application Deadline

April 1: 10 Companies to enter into the program are announced

April: Trainings and Mentor Sessions Start

May 13: SEMI FINALS | 5 Winners to join Arya Retreat Announced

June 3: FINALS | Arya Retreat 2017


· Aslı Elif Tanuğur, SBS

· Hatice Gökçe, Karakarga Moda

· Nilüfer Gürtekin Yalçınkaya, Lobby Reklam

· Özden Pusat, Tutumluanne

· Aslı Caner, LifePinner


1 June, Thursday – Let’s get settled in
Arrival day, guests can arrive early to enjoy your free time.
20:00-22:00        Light dinner will be served           
21:00                  SPEAKERS’ ORIENTATION (speakers and sponsors only)

2 June, Friday – Let’s get to know each other
08:00-10:00           BREAKFAST
08:00-09:00           MORNING SPORT, Pilates with Sebnem or walk on the beach             
10:00-11:00            RETREAT KICK-OFF: WELCOME by Ahu Serter
11:00-12:50            PERSONAL ELEVATOR PITCH, 30 sec Introductions
Each participant will do a 30 seconds personal introductory pitch (Who are you? Why are you here? What is Arya’s role in your life?) Arya Art Work Kick-off with famous artist Ardan Ozmenoglu
12:50-13:00            GROUP PHOTO
13:00-14:00            NETWORKING LUNCH
15:00-15:30            KEYNOTE 1: Discovering your Wealth, Ida Beerhalter Partner, IOME: Approaches to accumulating and managing wealth, and why it is so important, especially for women.
15:30-15:45            COFFEE BREAK
15:45-16:15            CIRCLE 1: Actus presents Managing Your Wealth, Baris Hocaoglu
16:30-17:00            CIRCLE 2: Keten presents Investing Your Wealth, Ferhat Keten
17:00-18:00            UNUSUAL ENTREPRENEUR STORIES I: Healthy Lifestyle to Business:Sebnem Surucu, Founder of Surucu Pilates and Zeynep Beyli Founder, Atelier Raw
18:00-18:30            CIRCLE 3: Children of the Future in an Accelerated World with Ahu Serter and Dilek Dayinlarli 
20:00–                       TURKISH NIGHT & BEACH PARTY

3 June, SATURDAY – Let’s get better at investing and enterprising
08:00-10:00            BREAKFAST
08:00-09:00            MORNING SPORT
10:00-11:00            KEYNOTE 2: Canan Ozsoy, Chairwoman of General Electric Turkey
11:00-13:00            ARYA RETREAT PITCHING CHALLENGE FINALS #ARPC2017: Arya Entrepreneurs along with the 5 Semi-Finalists of ARPC 2017 seeking investment will present their companies to the general assembly                               
13:00-14:00            NETWORKING LUNCH
15:00-16:00            CIRCLE 4: BTS Presents Digitalizing your Business (in ENGLISH) 
15:00-16:00            CIRCLE 5: Road NYC Return On Advertising Design (in TURKISH) Basak Ilhan, Founder of Road NYC
16:00-16:30            UNUSUAL ENTREPRENEUR STORIES II: Technology for Change (in TURKISH)
16:30-17:00            CIRCLE 6: Impact Investing (in ENGLISH) 
17:00-17:30            CIRCLE 7: Investing in Women’s Economic Empowerment SheTrades with Arancha Gonzalez, Executive Director at International Trade Centre (ITC)
17:30-18:00            CIRCLE 8: 5 Startup Mistakes to Avoid by Cagdas Onen, Iyziko 
20:30–                       GALA DINNER AND AFTER PARTY
Dress up for a nice dinner. Wines courtesy of Barbare Vineyards

4 June, SUNDAY – Let’s inspire and be inspired
08:00-10:00            BREAKFAST
08:00-09:00            MORNING SPORT
10:00-11:00            KEYNOTE 3: Baris Muslu, Format Your Brain 
11:00-11:30            UNUSUAL ENTREPRENEUR STORIES III: Ardan Ozmenoglu, Artist
11:30-12:30            ARYA OPEN MIC.
We will open the floor to anyone who would like to address the general assembly. It will be an Open Mic. format: ask anything say anything.
12:30-13:00            CLOSING REMARKS, Ahu Serter, Munteha Adali
13:00-14:00            FAREWELL LUNCH