Arya Women Investment Platform is Turkey’s only women focused investment platform. Through its investors, Arya invests “smart money” in women led businesses.

For Entrepreneurs… we aim to add value to everyone we meet, through our events, learning through our process or simply introducing you to the right people. Selected entrepreneurs get matched with the right, value-add investors. Once funded, you can benefit from our team’s expertise and guidance, common resources and synergies with other portfolio companies. We are stronger together!

For Investors… For novice and seasoned investors alike, out motto is “have a little fun, do a little good, make a little money”. Seasoned investors can have hands on impact on the entrepreneurs as lead investors, and new investors can learn and work their way up to be one.

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  • Less then 9% of entrepreneurs in Turkey are women
  • Very low rate of investment women
  • Their biggest obstacle is access to financing
  • Women are the largest underutilized asset in the world
  • Women spend most of their money on their families and communities
  • Women employ more women
Arya Entrepreneurs

Our goal is to match with investors and risk partners success, growth promising companies of women’s leadership that will help them and add value.

Our process until the completion of the investment from the applicant takes approx 6 months. Important for us to provide benefits to all entrepreneurs who apply to us .

Even if your investment process is not positive resulted you can get useful feedbacks and mentoring during this time. You will receive your back the power of being part of a platform such as the Arya.


Arya Investors

Didn’t want you to be woman vertical in your investment portfolio? Arya investors, gained experience as an investor, and also investments in portfolio companies and they gain significant momentum through the mentoring.

Your Earning as an Arya Investor
Learn a little
Some favor
Some earn money

Best ideal investment is investing in a woman you believe, you know the business or sector.




This annual award is given to extraordinary women who inspire change and show great leadership. Fatos Buyukkusoglu Strong Women Award is given Ahu Serter Founder of Arya Women Investment Platform and her sister Gamze Buyukkusoglu’s mother’s honour the women changed the world with their success stories and inspiring other women. She grow up as strong individuals her both two daughter Fatos Buyukkusoglu was inspiring mother, artist and business women.  With Ahu Serter’s words:

“My mother was an amazing woman. She was a doctor, an art lover, an entrepreneur and inspired everyone around her. My mother taught us that we could do anything. We need more women like that. ” – Ahu Serter, founder ARYA

The 2016 Fatos Buyukkusoglu Strong Woman is Canan Dagdeviren.