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arya challenge club.

Successful entrepreneurs and top professional leaders from different sectors; It is a closed club that receives support from each other about family, private and business life and where confidentiality is essential.

Get Inspired at Arya Challenge Clubs, Spread Your Shine!

In Arya Challenge Clubs, we aim to inspire, shine while helping others shine, support women entrepreneurs by helping more women learn about investing, support each other with the power of our network, contribute to the visibility of our members’ work, and ensure the continuous development of women entrepreneurs and investors.

Our Chapters & Chairs.

İstanbul Chapter 1

Münteha Adalı
Arya Co-Founder
Güvensan CEO

İstanbul Chapter 6

Ahu Serter
Arya Founder & Fark Holding President

İzmir Chapter

Meltem Kolday
Arya İzmir Partner & Dokuz Eylul Uni. Faculty of Business Instructor

Kocaeli Chapter

Özge Bulut Maraşlı
Arya Board Member & Doğan Holding Advisor to the Board

İstanbul Chapter 4

Aslı Şarman
Wicasa Group Founder

İstanbul Chapter 2

Kına Demirel
Migros Brand, Communication and Customer Experience Director

Amsterdam Chapter

Pınar Çağlar
IBM IX Benelux Digital Sales Director

International 1

Esra Talu
Arya Investment Committee Chairman & GoGlobal Co-Founder

London Chapter 1

Leyla Spencer
Chairman of the Board of Spencer & Associates

İstanbul Chapter 5

Berna Acar
Umur Stationery Inc. & General Manager

International 2

Arzu Tekir
Arya Communications Director, Founder of Urbanite Venture & Kariyer Dönüşüm Akademisi

İstanbul Chapter 3

Demet Özdemir
Independent Board Member

Bursa Chapter

Berna Kırıcı Aşıroğlu
Founder of Deri Derim

Selcen Faydasıçok

Arya Challenge Club 2, İstanbul​

“Being with strong women of all colors, all of whom are different from each other, is a wonderful feeling for someone like me who believes that women’s strength and solidarity are needed. While I am nourished by differences, I also learn a lot from this coloredfulness. It is very, very nice to be together, to learn and to heal together. “

Hacer Kök

Arya Challenge Club 2, İstanbul​

“I’ve always believed that one of the most precious things in life is to be surprised. When the mind is surprised, curiosity, the desire to learn, and the journey to transformation begin… This starts in spite of monotony, mediocrity, habits,  and sentences that begin with “it has always been like this”. Then I always leave with the thoughts of “oh look, there is this one, it’s different to look at it from this angle, why didn’t I think of it”. And I am filled with such energy that I would move the world if you let me. I’m glad our paths crossed. You are all very precious to me.”

Alev Urçar

Arya Challenge Club 2, İstanbul​

“Thanks to Arya Challenge Club, I think I have the opportunity to get to know notable and experienced women in their most natural states, to share my own journey with them, and most importantly, to learn from each other. For someone like me, who simply cannot live without being in contact with people, this is invaluable.”

Aslı Şarman

Arya Challenge Club 1, İstanbul​

“Arya is the platform where I experience the spirit of sisterhood the most. It is a formation where I can constantly brainstorm and share with successful women from different sectors. The presumption that everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valuable.”

Meltem Saral

Arya Challenge Club 1, İstanbul​

“Arya is the platform where I experience the spirit of sisterhood the most. It is a formation where I can constantly brainstorm and share with successful women from different sectors. The presumption that everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valuable.”

Aslı Caner

Arya Challenge Club 1, İstanbul​

“I got to know about Arya on my journey to add a global perspective to my new venture. I’ve met women and business people who stood by me for every one of my identities: entrepreneur, woman, sister to investor, who paved my way and supported me. I also enjoyed giving support as much as learning. Behind your courage and adapting to change, there must be the right people whose support you get. This is Arya’s magic formula that touched me.

Özge Sümer

Arya Challenge Club 2, İstanbul​

“Even though we are all self-sufficient, successful women in our own business, it is as if you can’t tickle yourself… Thank you for inspiring my excitement, my dreams, my process of adding meaning to life! Women who think out-of-the-box, who are smart, fearless, honest, colorful, well-intentioned and successful, who compete not with each other but with themselves, do not come together easily… There is a different beauty and a different color in Arya’s fabric that I cannot explain but it spreads through me after every meeting.”

Gökçe Kulak

Arya Challenge Club 2, İstanbul​

“Since I joined the Arya Challenge Club family, a brand new era has begun for me. As Arya women, I have seen that we are not alone in the positions we all have come to with great effort and devotion in business life. On this platform, where I feel sincerely understood and supported; by observing the experiences of successful, dynamic women in their business and private lives, I’ve gained the ability to look at my own life and events from different perspectives. Arya made me realize once again how valuable sharing is. It is truly a privilege to be a member of a group that we listen to, understand, support and share with from the heart, and to know women with vision, high energy and who are simply amazing.”


It is one of our first conditions that entrepreneurs have a turnover of 1 Million TL and above, and that the employees in the corporate work life have been senior managers for more than 10 years.

  • It is important that the members are from different sectors.
  • New members to join are presented to the Board of Directors by the president of the club for approval.
  • Preferably, an Arya member reference is requested.
  • Membership and confidentiality agreement must be signed by the member.

What we expect from our members:

  • Adopting Arya values and approaching this special community with an open, positive and participative attitude.
  • Members should try to attend all meetings for the effectiveness and continuity of the club.
  • Complying with our privacy policies and decisions made in their own club.

The opening of potential chapters is evaluated and determined in line with requests and demands.

Being a Club President is an open field for candidates who want to create their own Chapter.

"What is spoken in the club stays in the club."

Since personal, family and professional issues are covered in the meetings, it is very important that the conversations are confidential and not shared with others outside the club, in order to maintain a relationship of trust between club members.

Arya Challenge Club annual membership fee is 500 Dollars.

Before leaving, the reason for leaving is kindly asked to be shared with the club president and to give constructive feedback so that improvements can be made.

  • In case of leaving the club, no annual fee is refunded.