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Discover The Entrepreneur Within.

As a part of Arya Women Investment Platform, we enable you to quickly access the necessary resources and social networks to grow and scale your enterprise while discovering the entrepreneurial spirit within.

We offer you the opportunity to write your own story with the support of Aryans by always standing by your side on your way to realize your dreams.

What Will You Gain?

You get the chance to meet and have mentoring sessions with Arya Leaders who are experts in their field.
With leaders and trainings from different areas of expertise, you can gain new century competencies and learn about entrepreneurship and improve yourself.
With Arya’s extensive social and corporate networks, you can meet many valuable people in the ecosystem.
Access To Markets.
You can create new sales channels with collaborations.
You can meet with Arya investors, benefit from their experiences and find investment opportunities and continue to get support from Arya investors for the next tours.
Entrepreneurial Development Series.

Entrepreneurial Development Series is an online training platform designed for women to discover their potential and write their own stories. It includes comprehensive training covering new century competencies, family life, legal and financial information.

Development series that teach entrepreneurship from the idea stage to investment stage are open to women with entrepreneurial spirit and women entrepreneurs of all stages.

ARPC For Investment Preparation.

The Investment Preparation Program (ARPC), in which Arya entrepreneurs or high potential private enterprises from the entrepreneurship world can participate, is a 4-week acceleration program that strengthens the strategies of entrepreneurs and prepares them for investment.

Entrepreneurs who are successful at the end of the program have the chance to meet investors from all over the world and find investment by participating in our Arya Retreat event.

Pitch Your Start-Up To Arya Investors.
Startups that need smart money to grow their business can introduce their initiative to our Arya Investment Committee and get the chance to receive investments from experienced investors.

arya retreat.

Three full days of investing, sharing and fun with international investors, professionals and specially selected Arya entrepreneurs. In our Arya Retreat event, we have hosted more than 500 international investors, professionals and entrepreneurs and 60 speakers so far.

frequently asked questions

Companies that care about gender diversity and have gender equality in their team outperform teams made up of only men. As Arya WIP, we prefer entrepreneurs with at least one female partner or who serve women, as we see more potential in companies that care about gender diversity and equality.

The investment process is a relationship management process for Arya WIP, so we see this process as long-term. We expect entrepreneurs to focus on getting ideas from investors above all else and to be open to any kind of feedback. For this reason, an entrepreneur profile that is open to development and change and approaches this transformation professionally is more likely to receive investment from Arya.

Any stage where you can convince the investor that your business is ready to grow strengthens your chances in the investment process. Therefore, every time you develop a customer channel, the higher your turnover becomes, the more operational problems you solve and the more concrete your business becomes, the higher your chance of getting investment is. Also, remember that every business can receive investment, but not everyone becomes an investor in every business. Identifying the right investor and reaching that person at the right time is as important as defining your customer profile.

We believe in the unity of power and make joint investments with various investment networks and companies.

As Arya WIP, we have jointly invested in our Uplifers and Tutumlu Anne ventures with Galata Business Angels, and our Naturansa investment with Draper Ventures in Silicon Valley.