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Our Investment Philosophy.

We work towards the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reducing Inequalities in order to empower women and play a more active role in decision-making mechanisms. We offer a sustainable model by enabling women to turn into investors, learn from each other and create opportunities for other women.

As Arya Women Investment Platform, We Adopt An Investment Philosophy That Prioritizes Gender Equity For An Equal World. Startups with a female founder earn higher income (more than 2x per dollar invested) than men. Women control $ 20 trillion of the world’s wealth and have significant financial impact. Companies with female founders perform 63% more than companies with all men.

According to the research

Female-founded start-ups

generate more than 2x revenue per dollar invested than male-founded startups.

Companies with Female Founders

outperform all male companies by 63%.


control $20 trillion of the world’s wealth and have significant financial influence.

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Arya WIP Investor Day.

As Arya Women’s Investment Platform, we have increased the speed of our
investment in innovative, scalable and technology-oriented ventures with our
Investment Committee, which we established in 2020 to support our mission of
empowering women by investing in women’s capital.

At the Investor Day we organize every month, 3 women-led ventures make
presentations to our members of the investment committee and Challenge Club and
meet Arya network; in this way, they gain the chance to receive mentoring, training,
stakeholder and access to capital support.

arya challenge club.

We learn from each other, share our experiences and meet 10 times a year to be better together with women investors from different sectors; It is a closed club that receives support from each other about family, private and business life and where confidentiality is essential.

With Challenge Clubs, we aim to help more women learn about investing, to support
women entrepreneurs, to support each other with the power of our network, to contribute to the visibility of our members’ work, and to ensure the continuous
development of women entrepreneurs and investors.

Investor Training.

It is our online education platform that serves as a transformation school with women investors from different sectors, where we learn from each other, share our experiences and designed for both new and experienced investors.

As Arya, we are at your side in the investment journey with the modules designed by professionals, which include training that will open up horizons in different subjects.

arya retreat.

With international investors, professionals and our specially selected Arya entrepreneurs, we offer a 3-day event away from everything, full of sharing and fun. In our 5th Arya Retreat event, which will be held this year, we have hosted more than 400 international investors, professionals and entrepreneurs so far; We hosted more than 60 speakers.

Our Investments.

Sultan Nur Bulut

2021 provides production supply services, with the artificial intelligence and software it has developed, in many different fields such as 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Silicone Molding, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal Forming.

Tuba Yılmaz Gözbaşı

Optiyol provides distribution network design and route optimization services; develops software solutions primarily for the logistics, retail, food and beverage, FMCG, field operations and passenger transportation industries.

Canan Bayrak

Manibux is a pocket money management system and prepaid card, where families can send and control pocket money to their children easily and securely, young people can spend and save freely, and take responsibility for their own money.

Asude Altıntaş Güray

They are multi-purpose STEM education sets that provide children with all the features needed to understand the basics of computer programming and develop their coding skills, and the basics of technologies used in daily life.

Nehir Boyacıoğlu

Vahaa is a smart agriculture venture that aims to produce 365 days a year, regardless of climate, anywhere in the world with vertical farming solutions.

Aslı Zuluğ

Guru’s first functional food product, “Protein and Collagen Chips PACHA”, which is a first in the world, with domestic and international awards, presents the miracle of collagen in a healthy chips format for the first time in the world.

Ayben Özkan

NutzenTech, #ARPC2020 programme graduate and winner, is a venture that emerged to find permanent solutions to the world’s biggest environmental problem, climate change.

Nazlı Uyanık Yıldız

#ARPC2019 graduate and winner Nebyan Doğal is a food brand that received investment from Arya after the program and joined the Arya portfolio.

Esra Serbes

Naturansa, graduate of #ARPC2018, is a sustainable food technologies producer that has received joint investment from Draper Venture in Silicon Valley and Arya.

Özden Pusat

Tutumlu Anne, a graduate of #ARPC2017, is an online second-hand mother, baby and child products marketplace that received investment from GBA and Arya after Arya Retreat.

Eda Güney

Uplifers, a graduate of #ARPC2016, is an online content site that receives joint investment from GBA and Arya by making a presentation at Arya Retreat.

Tuğba Kuzdere

Tukutukum, which draws attention with its cool, colorful and fun designs, is among the rare ventures that can receive investment in the fashion sector.

Saba Bener

Bardabas game boxes, designed for children to spend quality time and develop both intelligence and motor skills, are Arya’s first investment in the children’s sector.

Yağız İzgül

Arya’s food technology venture Hecha is a brand that produces cast iron pots, pans and kitchenware to make healthy and delicious meals.

Özge Akbulut

Surgitate, a Sabancı Inovent and Arya Joint Investment, is a medical technology product founded by Doctor Özge Akbulut and Doctor Balkın Erdem.