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our investment philosophy.

We work towards the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reducing Inequalities in order to empower women and play a more active role in decision-making mechanisms. We offer a sustainable model by enabling women to turn into investors, learn from each other and create opportunities for other women.

as arya women investment platform,
we adopt an investment philosophy that
prioritizes gender equity for an equal world.

Startups with a female founder earn higher income (more than 2x per dollar invested) than men.
Women control $ 20 trillion of the world’s wealth and have significant financial impact.
Companies with female founders perform 63% more than companies with all men.

become an arya investor.

learn to invest with the best.

Transform yourself with Arya Investor Academy and experience the process in real life with experienced investors.

invest with knowledge and experience.

There is no such thing as ‘little money’ to start investing. It is most valuable to invest by getting your hands dirty.

meet the best start-ups.

Meet the startups with high success potential and high scores by passing the Arya criteria.

arya challenge club.

We learn from each other, share our experiences and meet 10 times a year to be better together with women investors from different sectors; It is a closed club that receives support from each other about family, private and business life and where confidentiality is essential.

investor training.

It is our online education platform that serves as a transformation school with women investors from different sectors, where we learn from each other, share our experiences and designed for both new and experienced investors.

As Arya, we are at your side in the investment journey with the modules designed by professionals, which include training that will open up horizons in different subjects.

arya retreat.

With international investors, professionals and our specially selected Arya entrepreneurs, we offer a 3-day event away from everything, full of sharing and fun.

In our 5th Arya Retreat event, which will be held this year, we have hosted more than 400 international investors, professionals and entrepreneurs so far; We hosted more than 60 speakers.