Memberships & Clubs

We are very happy that you took action to be together with strong women who are committed to Arya values, to grow your business and to learn continuously. As entrepreneurs, business people, and those who invest their time and capital in this ecosystem, we come together at Arya Women Investment Platform, just like you.

arya challenge

special membership
  • Arya Standard Rights +
  • Monthly Challenge Club Member Meetings
  • Arya Talks Exclusive to Challenge Club Members
  • Networking Events with Other Challenge Club Members
  • Opportunity to learn investing with Investor Development Trainings
  • Opportunity to participate and get to know three new start-ups in the Investor Day we organize every month
  • Opportunity to attend Deep Dive meetings of start-ups that are considered suitable for investment on the Investor Day
  • The right to benefit from the special offers and discounts we offer to our members through our corporate collaborations.
  • Discounted participation in Arya Women's Investment Platform Retreat

arya standart

₺ / year
  • Placement at the top of the invitation queue to İş Atalier
  • Invitation to Arya Shopping Fest, which we organize once a year
  • Free participation in the Mentor Check-up Program
  • Shopping Fest top priority & free booth opening
  • Participation in the Women with a Word Interview Series
  • Discounted participation in Women of Impact Awards Night
  • Entrepreneur Development Trainings
Membership is valid for 12 months from the start date.

arya Entrepreneurs

special membership
  • Arya Standard Rights +
  • Monthly Entrepreneurs Club meetings
  • Priority evaluation to participate in the acceleration program
  • Priority evaluation to make presentations on investor days
  • Access to the network of Challenge Club members and invite speakers
  • Networking with the leaders of the Investment Committee once in every 3 months at the information and experience sharing meetings

open house.

If you have uttered the following words; ”I want to meet you”, “I became a member, what’s next?”, we welcome you to our Open House event. Everyone is invited to our Open House event, which is held every 2 months, where our new members and those who want to become members come together. Do not miss the opportunity to meet Arya and Arya people!