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arya mentor checkup.

Is a quick mentoring event where you can choose your own mentors, instead of traditional matchmaking mentoring. Our mentors help each mentee to find solutions at the points they get stuck in by conducting 10-minute meetings with each mentee.

Mentors & Mentees Unite.

Selected entrepreneurs can view the expertise of our Arya mentors, who have a profile on Mentornity, and choose a mentor according to their appropriate time and the subjects they need. We make our mentoring matches online through Mentornity. We are bringing our selected initiatives and mentors together at Fark Labs at the event determined today. Mentors hold 10-minute meetings with each mentee. We realize our Mentor Checkup event every 2 months under the sponsorship of Fark Labs.

Free Members' Access.
Arya members can benefit from the Mentor Checkup program free of charge.
One-Time Paid Access.
If you are not an Arya Member, you can purchase tickets from the events section to attend the one-time Mentor Checkup.


Ahu Serter

Chairwoman, Fark Holding & Founder, Arya

Münteha Adalı

Güvensen CEO / Founding Partner, Arya

Ata Uzunhasan

Director, GBA

Ayşe Ağaç Dağ

GM, Prefsan Prefabrik

Ayşe Işıl

Founder, Admin Bilişim

Başak İlhan

Founder, ROAD Branding

Burcu Kösem

Chairwoman, Dünya Group

Emin Ataç

Chairman, Scope Partner

Ethem Eliaçık

CMO, İş Bankası

Gizem Moral Kunter

VC, Reva Capital

Gülcan Demirkol

Founding Partner, GDA Partner

Hacer Kök

Owner, HK Süreç Yönetim Consultancy

İffet İyigün Meydanlı

Director Of Innovation, FARPLAS

Nisan Doğan

Founding Partner, Incentech

Ömer Akarca

Angel Investor, GBA

Rana Özşeker

Managing Partner, RNA Değişim Yönetimi