arya women
investment platform.

Is an collaborative intelligence platform that supports women entrepreneurs with investments, trainings, events, mentoring and consultancy programs.

Arya develops women’s entrepreneurship through entrepreneurs, investors and professionals in its network. It aims to ensure that more women grow stronger by growing their company, and that women learn better smart-money investment.

we are...


Knows there is not one single truth, is open to change, new perspectives and feedback. Empathetic, speaks not to speak, listens to understand.


Keeps promises. Makes decisions based on principles, not on ego or personal interests.

Overcomes the impossible and creates possibilities. Sees opportunities others miss. Unafraid to stumble; takes risks.

Stands on her own two feet and knows how to have fun and work hard. Fights and battles for what she loves and believes in. Designs life from her own vision, not the rules of others.

One-of-a-kind, accepts herself as she is, embraces her authenticity, and knows that diversity helps grow with strength. Gives constructive and sincere feedback.
Creates something from nothing and is both conceptually and aesthetically creative. Believes in her own strength, not fate. Paves the way for herself and does not wait for hand outs.
Enjoys success and also touching others’ lives and making a positive impact. Strong sense of social responsibility. Works hard, measures successes and leads change.
Knows that power grows when it is shared; that giving does not deplete, but enriches. Offers as much as she agrees to give; believes in the power of togetherness and chooses to shine by polishing those around her.