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Become an Arya Member, Bring Your Products to Customers at Our Shopping Festivals!

Our festivals are held twice a year – in winter and summer – to give our women entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote and sell their products to the ARYA Network. Dating back to 2015, when we held this event in our artsy little office in Beyoğlu, and later when we held it in larger venues like Feriye Palace, Fark Labs, and Casa Hermanas – wherever the place, this bi-annual festival is when we get to introduce great brands to our network.

Buy from Arya Entrepreneurs,
Support Women Entrepreneurs.

As Arya, we have been carrying out works for years on gender equality, strengthening the place of women in business life and making their voices heard better. Adopting the UNPD sustainable development goals of “gender inequality”, “decent work and economic growth” and “elimination of inequalities”, we act with the vision of transforming the world under female leadership. In line with these goals, we support women entrepreneurs to reach the right networking and capital resources. You can increase the Arya effect and contribute to the transformation of the world by purchasing the products and services you will receive from our entrepreneurs who are women founders.

Winter 2019.

Nearly 250 people gathered in December at Fark Labs. As we entered the new year, the products made by our amazing women entrepreneurs became treasured new year gifts.

Summer 2019.

In the summer, we organized a very colorful festival at the Casa Hermanas hotel with ARYA’s entrepreneurs in Bodrum.

Winter 2018.

We organized a beautiful new year’s festival at Feriye Palace in December.

Summer 2018.

In Bodrum, we brought together vacation-goers and guests of the Casa Hermanas hotel with our entrepreneur’s products in an incredibly vibrant festival.

Winter 2017.

We had great fun shopping at the venue sponsored by Kolektif House where a variety of big brands hosted stands at this year’s festival.

Winter 2016.

Held in ARYA’s first office in Beyoğlu, we organized the inaugural Shopping Fest among magnificent works of art.


Arya entrepreneurs with an established legal company who have a product ready for sale and a POS machine to collect payments are eligible to apply for a stand.

Arya Entrepreneur Members are eligible to participate in the festival without paying any stand fee. Entrepreneurs who are not yet members are welcome to participate in the festival once they finalize their Arya membership.

Applicants are selected to participate based on the number of stands available at the venue; keeping an appropriate balance of products; and staying in harmony with the festival concept or season.


For example, if three stands have been allotted at the new year’s festival, we likely will not accept summer handbags. However, we would reserve space for these summer-themed products in our summer festival in Bodrum.

We begin accepting applications one month before each festival and announce this via our mailing list and social media platforms.