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"Only 10 percent of investment is made on women entrepreneurs worldwide, this is called “investment gap". I believe that this gap will close when women invest in women.

Especially after the birth of my third daughter Arya, I started thinking about what I can do to see more decision-making, investor, strong women in Turkey in the future. I established Arya Women's Investment Platform, which brings together women-led companies and female angel investors, dads who support their daughters and men who believe in the power of women.

 Today, the Arya effect continues to grow with our network of over 30,000 and is growing by spreading over our social network of more than 30 thousand people and empowers the transformation of women leadership. "

Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter

Since 2013

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“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself.”

 Warren Buffet


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Gülen Gündüz Yılmaz

Author of “Eril Beril’den Afrodit’e”

 I published my first book with the owner of a publishing company I met at one of Arya’s events.

Gözde Büyükacaroğlu

Founding Partner of Vivoo

I met with my investor from Dubai at the Arya Retreat after completing Arya’s Accelerator Program ARPC.

Aslı Demet Şarman

Founder of Wicasa/ Arya Investor

I made my first angel investing through Arya. This added a lot to both my entrepreneurship and my personal brand.

Sylwia Regulska Güney

Founder of Budizzz

Arya taught me how to build my company strategy. They explained to me that this job cannot be done alone and that I can achieve with the right team. Thanks to this, I have a very successful team today and thanks to them, we continue to grow exponentially every year.

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