Arya Women Nigeria is a unique investment platform for women-led businesses in the country under licence by Arya Women… Turkey’s only women focused investment platform. Nigeria has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world with 40% of women as entrepreneurs BBC; arguably the highest proportion in the world. Many of them are unable to access funds through the stringent traditional financing systems and therefore close down or at best remain stagnant. Recognising that improving the preparedness of female entrepreneurs to attract funding is paramount, Arya Nigeria offers support in positioning the entrepreneurs to attract alternative financial and non-financial investments for sustainable growth. We aspire for Arya Nigeria-guided women to be successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Join our investor community to network and access more women-led businesses for your portfolio
Acquire entrepreneurship skills to grow and sustain your business
Positively influence and mentor entrepreneurs to build sustainable enterprises



Women entrepreneurs with unique and fast growing Small and Medium Enterprises are invited to seek the support of Arya Nigeria in preparing their businesses to pitch to prospective investors.

Applicable criteria are that the businesses must be:
– led by a Nigerian woman
– a start-up
– incorporated or willing to be incorporated
– scalable
– uniquely positioned

Our engagement process entails the following steps:
-Application by completing a form that captures a brief about your company and self-assessed needs
-Submission of video recording on yourself, products and/or services
-Meeting with Arya Nigeria Steering Group and international partner organisation
-Support program comprising well curated development segments
-Pitch to prospective mentors/investors
-Post investment support to select businesses

We receive applications at all times and advertise occasionally for entries.


We provide an opportunity for investors to access more women-led businesses for their portfolios.

Arya Nigeria engages bankable Small and Medium Enterprises and prepares them to showcase their investment opportunities for the necessary financial and non-financial investments required to have them traverse the rough course of building up their businesses in win-win alliances.

Investees are selected from applicants after undergoing an application process and a development program which typically take a period of six (6) months.

While we actively seek prospective investors to participate in our pitch and networking events, we would like to continually build our network of investors. You are accordingly invited to register for us to stay in touch.

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Arya Nigeria members support by running its operational affairs and providing technical services, linkages, etc.

Member categories include:
Executives – two women per geopolitical zone that handle operations
Associates – provide linkages and other adhoc contributions
Affiliates – render technical services

Prospective members are invited to apply for consideration.


Arya Nigeria volunteers assist in its activities. Interested persons should apply below.

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